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I offer individual TUITION for those keen to learn the amazing skill of photography.

If you are new and wanting to know what all the buttons, dials and numbers are for, or looking to expand your photography knowledge, please read on and get in touch with any questions you may have.

Having someone on hand to guide you as you learn a new skill is the best way. How best to shoot different subjects and the importance of seeing what we are looking at in terms of light and how best to set the exposure are all areas that can make up your individual tuition.

How best to compose various images is another area that can be included in your tuition and will greatly improve your ability to capture your images successfully.

If you have a love for photography and would like to take it further, I would welcome the opportunity to help you continue with your learning and enjoyment of your photography.

My tuition is also available to book by those who have previous experience, but would like a refresh.

Please contact me with what help you would like with your photography - including buying your first or next camera or a new lens!



Before you can start to understand the basics of photography, finding your way around your camera in essential. Therefore, for those completely new to photography we start with an introduction of your camera and lenses, along with basic set-up and handing before the technical theory and practice begins.


All training will reinfoce how your camera's buttons and dials work and the basic technical theory of photography. More indepth theory is reccomended for those wishing to say goodbye to the automatic settings forever and take control of how their images are created!


Apart from the review, all options are practical workshops to get you using your camera from the start and will be held outside in suitable weather.


Per-booking help and advice to ensure the right training option is selected for your requirements.

Tuition material on the content covered where appropriate and reviews on images taken is also available if required.


All tuition is held in Salisbury. The location backs on to the meadows and boardwalk, which is perfect for practice sessions.

For all enquiries, please email via the address above.



Professional photographers constantly review their work - and we are our worse critics!

Only by analysing our photography can we continue to improve and know which steps we need to take to move forward. And there is much to consider when analysing our work.

This one hour online review is for all levels. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience, understanding what makes good image and how to capture a well exposed image will open up this amazing subject and all it's possibilities.

Taking time to establish where you are now with your photography will ensue you start learning at the right level and enable you to move forward with confidence.


A great way to start!

1-HOUR WORKSHOPS  -  £45  

1-hour practical workshops are perfect to help you move forward with the right amont of tuition and take you to the next level without loading too much on in one session - much of which can often be forgotten.

Please arrive 10 minutes before to prepare and allow time at the end to recap on your workshop.



Have you recently completed a beginner's photography course but then couldn't find the time to practice your new found skills?

This practical workshop will re-engage you with your camera using five easy steps covering all the basics of photography listed above.

By the end of your tuition you will be back in control of your camera and ready to re-explore it's capabilities. 

We will look at camera settings and controls, the creative modes and exposures, light conditions, overrides and composition options.


Getting restarted!


For the complete beginner an Introductory 1-hour workshop is recommended.

The workshop covers the set-up, handling and basic controls of the camera body and lens/s and how they work together.

This workshop also cover how to get the best from working in auto, suitable drive modes and focusing points for different types of images and various ways to set up and compose images.

If time allows an explanation on how the shutter, aperture and sensor work together to create images will be included - understanding each of these would require further tuition to be able to move away from auto.

For those wishing to progress on to the creative modes further workshops can be booked as and when to suit.



Your tuition can be a starting point or build on your knowledge, camera skills and creativity.

Whether your new to photography, looking to refresh our knowledge and skills or advance to the next level in a particular area of photography your tuition will be tailored to start at your present knowledge and ability.

Handouts are provided to refer back to and practical tasks will be set to keep you practicing. For those who wish to continue discussions and reviews to check progress will form part of each following session to ensure you only move forward when ready to.

Workshops can be booked as and when required.


Suitable for both DSLR and mirrorless cameras.



1:1 tuition!

"The course definitely met my expectations. I feel I now know how to use the creative modes and am looking forward to experimenting with them. I recommend tuition to anyone wishing to learn the basics. It has definitely helped me to understand my camera and gain confidence to use it."   
Michelle C - Salisbury

"I cannot praise Sally's personal tuition course highly enough - I learned a huge amount in my 5 sessions including: theoretical aspects of photography. I now feel that I have the confidence to develop photography as a serious hobby. If you have an interest in photography but feel daunted by the complexities of your camera and want to develop some theoretical knowledge, then I can highly recommend booking tuition with Sally"  
Paul G -Warwick