Salisbury's vibrant art scene is made up of a wide range of talented artists and artisans. A number of wonderful art groups provide an excellent service of encouraging and supporting these talented makers and creators of visual arts.

​The idea for SALISBURY ARTS SCENE was inspired by the lockdown and the subsequent cancellation of all art and craft exhibitions, fairs and trails, which has kept this important part of our creative world firmly behind close doors. 

Like for many life has been put on hold for the art world. A few planned exhibitions have moved online and, while this platform is a great opportunity for some arts to embrace, it is not one all can participate in.

The need therefore for artists and artisans to display and sell their art and craft and keep the industry alive and flourishing, was the driving force behind the creation on SALISBURY ARTS SCENE.

With social distancing being of utmost importance a workable solution was required that would enable both artists, artisans and art lovers to inspire and be inspired while creating an exciting buzz in and around our city for all to enjoy. 

​There is nothing better than seeing art in the flesh… being able to stand back and view art, walk round sculptures, and pick up pottery and a wide variety of crafts is all part of the experience.  

​And so

S-A-L-I-S-B-U-R-Y  A R T S  S C E N E

was born!


Provide local artists and artisans of all genres with an exciting opportunity to exhibit their art.

Help generate new contacts, interest and sales for those working is this sector to new and existing buyers.


To attract regular and new visitors back to the City of Salisbury.

To promote the town as a go to arts and crafts destination for all art and craft lovers.


If you are a professional or amateur artist or artisan passionate about your work and would like to join us,
please click on 
TAKE PART and the adjoining links for more information.

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